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Bovine, Deer and Buffalo IVF Business Opportunity

Cogent IVF Business Opportunity

Opening up the field of bovine IVF like never before.

Cogent IVF Business Mission

Sharing scientific knowledge to create a better world.

Cogent IVF Business Model

Letting practitioners take control of their work.

Welcome to the World of Cogent IVF

Cogent IVF, through its professional team, provides genetics, reproductive and technical solutions to clients around the world. Our company’s intellectual property includes embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization in bovine, deer and buffaloes, along with our exclusive business model.

We offer a valuable opportunity for agribusiness professionals who are seeking methodologies and technologies that allow them to provide comprehensive IVF services. This opens up the world of bovine IVF like never before, and it’s an exciting time to learn and apply these cutting-edge techniques.

When I discovered Cogent IVF I met with their directors and I was immediately on board with their mission. They have provided my staff with unmatched support and training. The production system has proven to produce more embryos and higher pregnancy rates than any other production system I have ever seen in our industry. I look forward to many years as a Cogent franchise. Todd Stroud, MSC

2017 IETS Foundation Early Career Achievement Award Practitioner, Hoofstock Genetics


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